Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sonic and The Secret Rings

Sonic and The Secret RingsSonic and the Secret Rings is a video game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series. This game includes the use of the word "hell" without the inclusion of "Mild Language" as a content descriptor by the ESRB. This is likely because when Sonic theorizes that the World Rings might "open the gates of Hell", he is referring to the underworld, and did not swear. This has not happened since Donkey Kong 64

Sonic's new adventure uncovers from a storybook of the old tale, Arabian Nights, the last several pages from the book have gone missing, and it's up to Sonic to remake/re-create the story. The vibrant environments provide for a refreshingly new look to the franchise filled with brightly colored mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns. Sonic activates specific areas in the prismatic environment to pull off new tricks and stunts, in addition to interacting head-on with various obstacles by jumping, dodging, and dashing.

Video GamesGamers will use the Wii controller to steer Sonic and experience an untapped freedom in gameplay and control. Hold the controller horizontally with two hands and tilt left and right to steer Sonic on different paths and maneuver deftly from obstacles and enemies. Continue to tilt and fling forward to dash-attack ground and air enemies and to break down barriers...SOURCE

Genre: Platformer

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega

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TIME CRISIS 4 now on PS3

Time Crisis 4 was first shown at E3 2006 prior to its recent final revision arcade release.

One major change is the addition of the multi-screen/multi-hiding system, introduced in Time Crisis: Project Titan. Unlike Project Titan (which players went on the offensive), players are placed on the defensive. In Project Titan, players had to hide and shoot arrows to switch screens. Screen switching has been refined to allow the player to point the gun outside the screen to move around.

Time Crisis 4 also utilizes a new light gun control with infrared emitters. Prior to this, all Namco light gun games used gun controllers that relied on cathode ray timing. Because Namco's light guns with cathode ray timing utilized memory chip-to-lens pointing, the arcade cabinet designers had to ensure that the infrared-emitting light gun controllers would provide the same accuracy as their cathode ray timing-based gun provided in the past. This delayed the game's release given past accuracy issues with IR light guns.

Time Crisis 4 also refines the multiple weapon system introduced in Time Crisis 3, by encouraging strategic use of the additional weapons.[original research?] The game also features a voice navigation system that guides players through different situations. Given the voice navigation system, the game can be voiced either in Japanese or English. Prior to Time Crisis 4, the game was voiced exclusively in English.

The player can choose to customize gun calibration and/or turn the blowback on or off with a pre-game code explained in the cabinet. Time Crisis 4, like its predecessors, is available either in a 29" standard twin cabinet or a 52" deluxe twin.SOURCE


Time Crisis returns, this time to the PlayStation 3! In Time Crisis 4, two VSSE agents must battle a new terrorist cell, with Terror Bites insects ready to dominate the world! Use the new GunCon 3 peripheral to blast them all! Time Crisis 4 introduces a new first-person shooting mode, configuring the arcade formula exclusively for home play! Get ready for the Crisis!

Namco has confirmed a Sony Playstation 3 conversion of the game to be released sometime near the end of 2007 (sometime in 2008 for certain areas) and will only be available with the GunCon 3. The Playstation 3 edition will feature 16:9 widescreen support and a specially-programmed first-person shooter mode, which players engage combat similar to a typical FPS game, but with manual gun pointing, aiming and firing in addition to arcade mode. Players will play as Captain William Rush and through the game's 15 stand-alone FPS levels, uncover footage not seen in the arcades.Source

Genre: Shooter

Release Date: 12/01/2007

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Developer: Namco Bandai

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wild Arms 5

Like every game in the Wild Arms series, Wild Arms 5 takes place in a new version of the world of Filgaia. The people of this Filgaia are presently being subordinated over by the Veruni, an alien race that landed on Filgaia 100 years ago. Dean Stark, the protagonist of the story, lives in a secluded village away from all the turmoil. He dreams of one day leaving the village to pursue his dream of becoming a Golem Hunter like his idol Nightburn. While in the mountains, Dean and his childhood friend Rebecca spot a Golem's arm fall from the sky and land in a cave just in front of them. Upon entering the cave, they find a girl curled up within the Golem's hand. The girl only remembers two things, her name (Avril), and the words Johnny Appleseed. After receiving the pair of ARMS (special guns) she was holding, Dean, along with Avril and Rebecca, decides to embark on an adventure to find out what the words Johnny Appleseed really mean.

Wild Arms 5 is a second-person video game. There is no world map in this game. Instead, the player traverses a world that is scaled like those of Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII. Besides walking, the player can travel across Filgaia by employing various vehicles, including a train and mono wheel. The field avatar cannot be changed; Dean is always the leader.

Dungeon exploration has two modes. In ACT (Action) mode, the player can jump, slide, and interact with objects, similar to controlling Jude in Wild Arms 4. In SHT (Shooting) mode, Dean draws both of his ARMs and can fire them freely. By employing various cartridges, the player can interact with the environment in a number of ways. Some examples include activating distant switches, breaking down obstacles, lighting torches, freezing objects, and grappling up to higher places.

Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard also known as Wild Arms 5, is the fifth video game in the Wild Arms series of Western-themed Science Fantasy role-playing games. The game celebrates the series's 10th anniversary by featuring cameo appearances of characters from the previous games. Produced by Media.Vision for the Sony PlayStation 2 platform, it was released in Japan on December 14, 2006 and in North America on August 28, 2007.

Genre: RPG

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Developer: Media Vision

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Link's Crossbow Training on Wii

Link's Crossbow Training is set in a world in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and in the game the player assumes the role of the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series, Link. In order to perfect his crossbow marksmanship, the player must pass a series of tests, starting with stationary bullseye targets, before moving onto moving targets and actual enemies.

Link's Crossbow Training is a video game by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. It is bundled with the Wii Zapper peripheral, and was released in North America on November 19, 2007, exactly one year after the Wii's release in that region.

It was first announced that a game would be bundled with the Wii Zapper by Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, on July 11, during Nintendo's E3 2007 media briefing. Such a game was not revealed as Link's Crossbow Training until the GameStop Expo in September, and was officially announced by Nintendo on September 10, 2007.

Game modes

Link's Crossbow Training features 27 playable levels, and the goal in each is to achieve the highest score possible within the time limit. These levels are divided into three main gameplay styles:
  • Target shooting — In Target Shooting levels, players fire their crossbow at targets, which start stationary, but move as the difficulty increases in later modes. Hitting the centre of the bullseye earns more points, and the points earned multiplies if the player hits multiple targets without missing.

  • Defender — In Defender levels, players remain stationary, whilst retaining the ability to shoot and aim in 360°.

  • Ranger — In Ranger levels, the player assumes complete control over Link (via using the control stick on the Nunchuk attachment), in levels including a siege on enemy encampments, and fighting through a forest.

Link's Crossbow Training supports a multiplayer mode, where players compete for the highest score.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Two of gaming's biggest mascots, Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic, buddy up (along with several of their famous cohorts) in this sports-themed game based around the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a sports game developed by Sega and was released on the Wii gaming console on November 6, 2007 and is set for release for the Nintendo DS handheld in all regions in January 2008. It is the first official crossover game featuring both Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog, Nintendo and Sega's former rival/friendly mascots, along with other characters from their respective series.

The game is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee through exclusive licensee International Sports Multimedia. It is the first official game of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games to be released, with a more realistic sports game to be later released by Sega in 2008...More

Genre: Sports

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Nintendo

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PSP Slim to get a Digital TV tuner

The coolest accessory any portable gaming console, it has a TV tuner so that you can catch up with some Anime after a heavy session of Metal Gear Solid. Not much info is available on the PSP-S310 except that it will be available when the PSP Slim goes on sale in September 20th and will cost 6980 Yen ($ 58).

The unit has an extendable antenna and is the same size as the PSP camera unit. Sadly the unit will work in Japan, as it is the only place where you get One-Seg terrestrial digital broadcasts. If only you can record TV content on the Memory Stick. I wonder what Nintendo has in store for the DS...More at Newlaunches

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Spectrobes (DS)

SpectrobesSpectrobes introduces two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers named Rallen and Jeena who learn of strange, prehistoric creatures called Spectrobes that possess special powers. These fossilized Spectrobes hold the key to defeating a vicious and merciless force, known only as the Krawl that threatens to destroy the galaxy. The two heroes embark on a mission to save their galaxy - to do so they must excavate, awaken, train and collect all the Spectrobes they can and battle to defeat the Krawl.

Spectrobes is infused with the edgy, highly stylized look and feel of Japanese anime and manga, and uniquely combines original characters, a compelling story and breakthrough gameplay. Spectrobes allows players to excavate, train and battle with nearly 500 unique creatures - utilizing every interactive feature of the Nintendo DS. Once the creature is excavated using the touch screen portion of the Nintendo DS, the Spectrobe is then awakened and can be utilized in real-time battles with enemies.

Rallen is a young, ambitious Planetary Patrol officer. He is a skilled pilot who is ready to take on a challenge. At times, his eagerness to get into the thick of things gets him into trouble, but his courage and sense of duty are well known by his superiors. Rallen is the only one who is able to operate the Prizmod – a communication device used to command the Spectrobes.

Jeena is Rallen's partner on the Planetary Patrol. She is a communications and research specialist. Her expertise is useful on missions where data on ancient relics and technologies is collected. While Rallen is in the field, Jeena is able to relay critical information that helps him train his allied Spectrobes and counter enemy attacks by the relentless Krawl. She often forgets to give mission reports to Commander Grant, which lands both her and Rallen in trouble.

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Genre: Action

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

Developer: Jupiter Corporation

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shaman King: Legacy of Spirits Soaring Hawk (GBA)

Konami decided to implement some sort of Pokémon style system in which you are to collect various spirits and battle against opponents with them; this feature being influenced by their new bonus feature within Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2. As like Pokémon for the handheld systems, you must buy the other Shaman King GBA incarnation (Sprinting Wolf) if you wish to use all 177 collectible spirits. However, they can only be traded through GBA linking. Due to the fact that Shaman King attained a Pokémon theme, Asakura Yoh's story was altered to make sense for this game, in which it seems to be of complete rivalry. When capturing "wild spirits" in this game, you (as like in Pokémon) throw an item known as a mortuary tablet to catch this spirit when its health is at a low level. To win a battle in this game of course you must knock out each of your opponent's spirits that are under his control...More

Genre: Action

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Konami


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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Silent Hill V

Silent Hill VSilent Hill V will be the sixth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series. On July 11, 2007, Konami officially announced Silent Hill V at their E3 press conference.The game is currently being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Although plot details are scarce, this upcoming entry is about a soldier who returns from a war to search for his missing brother.

Silent Hill 5 marks the return of the series that has become one of the leading horror franchises in the world, launching a number of hit entertainment products, including a successful and acclaimed motion picture. The game follows Alex Shepherd, a war veteran returning home from an overseas tour of duty to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father and later his younger brother and his mother has gone into catatonia, Joshua. Alex begins to search for his brother, leading him to Silent Hill after searching his hometown of Shepherd's Glen, where he will have to traverse real world areas covered in fog, and also the "Otherworld" version of the same maps. EGM magazine confirmed that there will be a female supporting character Ellie, who is connected to Alex. It is unknown whether she is playable at the moment.

Silent Hill 5 E3 07 Trailer:

Building upon the series' trademark foundations of atmosphere, adventure and storytelling, Silent Hill 5 introduces players to a frightening new experience. Continuing the series' tradition of standout music and sound design, Silent Hill 5 features an original soundtrack by famed composer Akira Yamaoka.

Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: To be arrange

Publisher: KONAMI

Developer: The Collective


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