Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resident Evil's T-Virus Vial on eBay

Resident Evil's T-Virus Vial on eBay
Take a look at this cool stuff gamers(from the popular video game and movie) - The Resident Evil: Extinction. Remember the virus that cause the zombie infection? Yup, that's right - it's the T- Virus. Well the original T-Virus Vial is available for bidding at eBay according to geekologie. The vial is made up of a glass tube with non-removable metal end caps containing empty spiraling inner glass tubes.

You can now have the virus safely locked away in your vault to avoid the zombie infection and the freaky nightmares. But this will cost you $3,800 at eBay.

Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 Cheats

Resident Evil 5
Infinite Rocket Launcher

To unlock the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo, beat the game under 5 hours on any difficulty, and turn infinite ammo on under bonus features.

Weapon Unlocks

Gatling Gun (Chris Only) - Fully upgrade the VZ61 Machine Gun
Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun - Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37 Shotgun
Longbow (Sheva Only) - Fully upgrade the S75 Rifle
M93R Pistol (Samurai Edge Custom) - Fully upgrade the M92F Pistol
S&W M500 (Handcannon) - Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum

Unlock Mercenary Characters

Chris (Safari) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Village
Chris (Stars) - Get an A Rank or higher in Experimental Facility
Jill (Battle Suit) - Get an A Rank or higher in Ship Deck
Jill (BSAA) - Get an A Rank or higher in Public Assembly
Sheva (Clubin) - Get an A Rank or higher in Ancient Ruins
Sheva (Tribal) - Get an A Rank or higher in Missile Area

Wesker (Midnight) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Mines
Wesker (STARS) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Prison

Unlock Graphic Filters

Classic Horror (Black & White) - Beat the game on Amateur difficulty
Noise (Grain effect) - Beat the game on Veteran difficulty
Retro (Sephia) - Beat the game on Normal difficulty


Chapter 2-1, take all the items at the beginning and then Quit the game. Return to the game by selecting "Continue" and you will begin Chapter 2-1 with the items you got before you quit the game, however, the items at the beginning (you took just now) are still at the same place, so you can obtain them again. Repeat the same thing to get as many as you like. Note: This case happens in Chapter 3-1 too.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sony PS3's New Upgrades

Sony PS3's New UpgradesGood news to all the PS3 Gamers - An upgrade was being made to PS3. Sony has announced an upgrade to the PS3’s Firmware to version 2.70.

A new Text Chat feature is being added, as a way for you to communicate online with PlayStation Network friends. Messages are typed through a wireless keypad or the on-screen keyboard. Text Chat can be used during game play and you’ll be able to simultaneously access up to three chat rooms, each of which can hold a maximum of 15 people. The firmware update will also add a video back-up service to the PS3 that'll let video files bought from the PlayStation Store be archived onto an external hard drive. Videos downloaded to a PSP will also be able to be copied over to the PS3, thanks to the firmware update.

The update further adds the ability to sort your listing of friends according to their online status. It'll also add the option to attach files of up to 3MB, rather than just 1MB, to the messages you send to friends. Cool!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zeebo - "The Fourth Video Game Console"

Zeebo - Zeebo (a new company) together with Qualcomm - designed a new gaming console for emerging markets. Showcasing 3G wireless game delivery, the Zeebo will launch in Brazil next month, where it will ship. The new gaming console is called as the "Fourth Video Game Console" that will target middle-class buyers in emerging markets. The Zeebo system will come pre-loaded with four games, with the ability to download a fifth title for free and it does not discs or other fixed media. Instead, the console employs a Qualcomm chipset that provide users to connect through a wireless network connection game downloads and purchasing. The games are stored in flash memory with a capacity to hold about 50 games on the machine at a time.

The Zeebo console will be the cheapest gaming console for $200. All of the components are derived from cellphone chipsets, which contribute to the Zeebo's low cost, and low power consumption -- two important facets to consider when marketing a device to emerging nations.@ psyorg