Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday PSP!

Wow! it's been a year since a bought my Playstation Portable and I never thought that it was already it's fifth year last March 24, 2005. For me, this is the best gadget I ever had simply because it's Portable - you can bring anymore - you can play music, movies, games and even connect through the internet with it's wifi features.

The Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller had the following to say:

“March 24, 2005 will always be known in PlayStation history as the day we debuted the PSP systemin North America. At midnight launches across the country, hundreds of you waited with great anticipation in lines at local retail stores for the PSP system. With its best-in-class, 4.3 inch high-resolution LCD display, vast library of software titles and built-in wireless communications, the PSP system was the first integrated handheld entertainment system to introduce console-quality gaming and comprehensive entertainment capabilities to the portable market. Half a decade later, PSP is still going strong and continues to provide the best portable gaming experience and offer incredible value to consumers.”

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God of War III Cheats

Hint: Extra Red Orbs

When fighting those sword-wielding Olympian skeletons, kill some so that there about ten left and position Kratos with his back to to a wall. Equip the Claws of Hades (which need to be at level 2 or higher). Repeatedly lash out with the Soul Rip (L1 + CIRCLE) and you'll get hundreds, even over a thousand hits on just a few enemies. The Soul Rip attack deals very little damage. On hard modes you can probably increase the hit count further and be rewarded with more red orbs. Note: If you don't back against a wall you'll have to move towards enemies a bit after each attack.

Unlockable: Chaos Mode

Beat the game on Spartan, God or Titan Mode to unlock Chaos Mode (Very Hard).
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Unlockable: Costumes

The following costumes can be unlocked by performing the actions below. Equip new costumes in the Treasures menu.

    * Fear Kratos - Beat the game to unlock this costume. "Fear Kratos" does quadruple attack damage. Enemies do quadruple attack damage. Trophies are disabled.

Unlockable: Modes

Perform the actions below to unlock additional modes:

    * Challenge of Olympus - Beat the game on any difficulty
    * Combat Arena - Beat Challenge of Olympus (all challenges).

Unlockable: Godly Possessions

The 10 Godly Possessions found throughout the game can be equipped as "cheats" once you beat the game. For the location of each Godly Possession, check out our God of War 3 Guide.

Here are the effects of each Godly Possession. You can toggle these on of off in the Items Menu AFTER BEATING THE GAME once you collect them. Warning: Equipping a Godly Possession disables Trophies.

    * Zeus' Eagle - Infinite Rage of Sparta
    * Hades' Helm - Max out Health, Magic and Item Meters
    * Helios' Shield - Increase the Hits Counter by 3 times
    * Hermes' Coin - Collect 10 time the amount of Red Orbs
    * Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Increase damage taken by a third
    * Poseidon's Conch Shell - Infinite Magic
    * Aphrodite's Garter - Continue to use Athena's Blades (the main weapon from the game's intro / while active, switch to another weapon to Combat Grapple)
    * Hephaestus' Ring - Automatically win all Context Sensitive Attacks ("Quick Time Events")
    * Daedalus' Schematics - Infinite item use
    * Hera's Chalice - Causes the Health Meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it.

Hint: Mysterious Website for Platinum Spartans

If you get the Platinum Trophy in God of War III you'll be directed to a mysterious website featuring only a compass and falling rain...

Check it out:

Source: Cheats IGN

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII: Guardian Forces

Check this out! Prepare to be amaze as Final Fantasy XIII offers you different summons - guardian forces. Boost it up guys!! Let's get in on! \m/

Final Fantasy XIII is Out!!

Finally! The long wait is over Finally Fantasy fanatics out there - Final Fantasy XIII is already out! 

For years, the series has prooved as a seemingly timeless pillar of Japanese role-playing games. Giving you fantastic characters, intricate stories and complex battle systems, Final Fantasy is one of the most recognizable names in the videogame world.

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy XIII abandons a number of well-loved series traditions in favor of a more straight-forward approach. While fanatics might be concerned about it, the two most important aspects of the series. One of the aspect is the battle system and the narrative -- remain just as strong as they always have.

Video Review:

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri - Beast of the Sands

Capcom's Monster Hunter series has become a global phenomenon. The PS 2 games went on to become million sellers in Japan, while the PSP editions gained a huge following as well. Now the Monster Hunter series is finally coming on the Wii in the U.S. with Monster Hunter Tri, promising hours of beast slaying goodness, either by your own or with some helpf og friends. Let's wait for it when it arrives April 20th this year.